Going to a party? Jewelry should be matched with the dress. Right?

Or your beloved person’s birthday or anniversary, do you think to give jewelry as a gift? But how can you choose the appropriate one? Don’t worry!

We are here for you with shine on jewelry reviews to help you to choose or decide the right one.

Our aim is to show the most customized and jewelries from Shine on and help you to choose the best quality and exclusively designed jewelry collections and give honest reviews about them.

All jewelries displayed in our website are designed by creative artists maintaining the required quality and unique identity. So if you want to look elegant and gorgeous with unique jewelry on your special occasion or want to surprise your beloved one and see a shining smile, just go through the whole article on shine on jewelry review, we guarantee, you will not be disappointed.

What is Shine On Jewelry?

By the name of Shine on Jewelry you can easily understand that this is an e-commerce website for jewelry. Among thousands and thousands of jewelry sites, Shine On is different and unique in all manners. This is not like just a jewelry site, here all staff. Their creative jewelry designs will amaze you!

You definitely are familiar with Teespring! Shineon is none other than their sub brand. To keep the massive requests from users to launch an on demand jewelry design platform, teespring launched Shineon and from the very beginning they were successful. 

Basically, Shine on is a jewelry company which is based in New Jersey, USA, and their unique identity is they work as a print on demand. They make any kind of jewelry for kids to adults like a pendant, necklace, bangle, or any other as you demand. You can give your own design which they are customized for you within a few days or you can choose creative and elegant designs from our website which will also redirect to Shine on-site and they will provide jewelry according to your selected design.

Customers like fast service with good quality. Shine On takes around 3 days or less to deliver your order. Fast service will again amaze you for sure!

Their tagline is Made with Love by Moms in the USA so that they can design, assemble, or ship every jewelry with love like their child. 

Their positivity, creativity, and community stand make Shine On is a trusted place to buy jewelry.

Shine On Jewelry Reviews

In terms of price, quality, unique design, service policies, we reviewed Shine on jewelry. Just have a look at this section, you can find out an overall idea about Shine On jewelry. 

  • Price: Price varies according to your demand, product quality, durability, etc. Shine On’s jewelry price range starts from 30 dollars to 80 dollars.


  • Quality: Best part of shineon is they never compromise with their product quality. If you buy once from them, you will be their repeated customer for sure! The raw materials they use are mainly 14k white gold finish, 14k yellow gold finish,  18k yellow gold finish, .316 Steel finish, .316L Stainless Steel, etc.


  • Design: This is the best part of Shine On. Mainly assembled by the working Moms of the USA but designs are versatile from independent artists. We also designed any kind of jewelry with our most creative designers, you can take a look from our review page and choose from them and Shine On will make them for you appropriately. Or you can also give your own desired design for the pendant, necklace and bangle etc.


  • Easy Cleaning: We already mentioned the materials of jewelry like 14k white gold finish, 14k yellow gold finish, 18k yellow gold finish,  .316 Steel finish, .316L Stainless Steel, etc. These are wash friendly so that They are easy to clean and have no chance of damage after washing them. You can use salt, toothpaste, baking soda, or mild dish detergent to wash them properly.


  • Durability: Our reviewed Shine On’s jewelry is super durable. They are made of the best quality materials so that there are no questions about their durability. You can wash them, bath, or sleep wearing them without any damage.


  • After-sales service: They are famous for their delivery also. As soon as possible, they deliver products safely to customers. Generally, it took time to reach the USA, Canada, the UK within 2-10 working days and internationally within 5-14 working days.


  • Return policy/ Cancellation: Shine On starts production as soon as possible after ordering any jewelry. If you change your mind before starting, you can cancel your order otherwise. If any product got damaged for shipping or any other reason, you should send photos and with their terms and conditions, they will provide a new one. And shineon also gives you a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.


  • Secure shopping: shine on ensures secure shopping of our data, and also gives you a 100% Secure Checkout because all information is valuable to them and also for us. We secure your information so enjoy secure online shopping!


  • Payment policy: You can pay in credit card, bank, pay pal, amazon pay, or using other payment methods.


  • Rating: Customers’ ratings are quite high. Their rating is 4.8 out of 5.0 which means almost every customer is satisfied with their product and services.

How to Buy Shine On Jewelry?

We believe you are impressed to Shine on jewelry by our review. Now you may think about how you can order properly. Well, you can order in 2 ways like:

  • Order from Shine on website: Visit their website shineon.com and you can order directly from their site. Their product materials, price range, policies all are already mentioned in the above section. You can choose design and materials from them and place orders according to their terms and policies. Also, you can place orders by shine on application though you will not find the latest design.


  • Order from our website: The 2nd option and the best option has placed an order from our website. We provide honest reviews as well as all unique designs and we can promise you that we are the best designer in the whole world. Just visit our products, read the honest shine on jewelry reviews and click on our preferable design, we will redirect you to the shine on site. This will save your time, efforts, and helps to get the perfect ones with fast services.

Types of Jewelry Available on Shine on:

As Shine on is a global marketplace, You can find many types of jewelry from it like a necklace, pendant, bangle etc for any special occasion like birthday, anniversary, friendship day or father’s days, mother’s day and so on whatever you want to make Shine on basically offers a variety of necklaces like :

Interlocking Hearts Necklace

Infinity Heart Necklace

Forever Love Necklace

Scripted Love Necklace

Steel Anchor Necklace

Birthstone Name Necklace

Horizontal Bar Necklace

Dad Remembrance Necklace

Mom Remembrance Necklace

Alluring Beauty Necklace

Stethoscope Necklace

Sweetest Hearts Necklace


And also offer a variety of pendants like :

Heart Pendant

Circle pendant

Dog Tag Pendant

Cross Pendant With Luxury Necklace

Cross Pendant With Military Ball Chain

Upload Own Photo In Heart Pendant

Upload Own Photo In Circle Pendant

Upload Own Photo In Dog Tag Pendant

Above all necklace and pendant with a chain and beautiful notes for your loved one’s. Also, there are materials variations available. You can design your own jewelry with desired materials from them. The best thing is they provide any kind of jewelry but the choice is yours!

Is shineon.com a Reliable Site?

Short answer: yes, it is!

A website is marked as a good and customer friendly website when it fulfills some qualifications like user-friendly, fresh and unique content, reliability, good customer service, mobile optimizations, etc. shineon.com has all of them that you are already acknowledged from our entire review. 

Shineon.com is a reliable site undoubtedly. They are transparent about their source and customers get clear information from them. They are secure to use and always responsive to customer’s queries.

Shine On Jewelry Pros & Cons


  • Beautiful Jewelry collections
  • High Margin 30+ dollars
  • Affordable price range
  • Best quality raw materials
  • Provides video creation Service
  • 3-day fulfillment system
  • Custom friendly and responsive 
  • Supports almost all payment methods 
  • Buyer Photo Upload system
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 100% Secure Checkout
  • Free replacements policy
  • Engaged large Mom Community
  • Super easy to use and wash
  • Known as Good Seller
  • They are Trustworthy
  • No monthly fees needed


  • They don’t do 3d
  • No variation for bangle and key chain.


We are at the end of our article on Shine On Jewelry Reviews,  hopefully you will find it helpful and only then our efforts will become meaningful.  From now, you will be able to find the most stylish, classic, unique and affordable jewelry with quality of life that for a long time you may only dream of for yourself or for your beloved ones to see her smiling face and sparkles in her eyes.

Also, you will be a part of a strong large community by selling/ buying from Shine On.

So what are you waiting for? just go through our website and grab your desired one and make yourself or your special one shining.  Let us know if you have anything to know or suggest through commenting below. We are waiting to hear from you.