Our aim of this review is to present 4 best pendant necklaces where you will find elegant and unique designed pendants for you or your loved ones. Shine On is known for beautiful and various types of pendants. Each shape pendant defines a unique meaning like Heart shape is for love, care and honesty, Infinity is for eternal feeling, Clover is for good luck and so on!

Pendants are much popular in young to old and it can be worn both male and female also and it can be worn on an everyday basis or suit at any outfit and at any occasion. We know what you desire for and we try to fulfill them with highest priority.


Top 4 Best Pendant Necklace  

Product 1: For Beautiful Daughter – Upload Own Photo in Heart Pendant

best pendant necklace

For Daughter – Upload Own Photo in Heart Pendant


Father-daughter or mother-daughter relationship is the most precious relationship in the world. Parents can give the whole world for their child. Parents always try to make their daughter special by giving various types of gifts.

We are sure that reviewing this best pendant necklace with your daughter’s photo is the best gift for your princes at her birthday or daily basis use!

Key Features:

  • This pendant is made by the U.S.A technology
  • Main feature is this one is made with your daughter photo
  • .316 surgical Steel or 18 k Gold Finish material
  • 18-inch to 22-inch adjustable chain
  • It is also Water-Resistant
  • Hand-made and working moms are making them with full of love and care

Why we pick this product:

  • Best quality materials
  • Adjustable chain
  • Unique design
  • Customize photo attachment
  • Water resistance
  • Built to last and never fade
  • Reasonable price range
  • Engraved option available in back side

Product 2: To My Wife – Heart Pendant Necklace. “Love You Always”

best pendant necklace

For Wife – Heart Pendant


Thinking about something to give your wife but can’t decide yet, then we are here reviewing a beautiful pendant which is the symbol of love and care and you can definitely go for it without any confusion.

You can give it at any occasion like her birthday, your wedding anniversary or simply for daily use. Hopefully she will love it and her heart will melt with your love.

Key Features:

  • This is made by USA technology
  • Made with high quality .316 surgical steel
  • Have a shatterproof liquid glass coating finish on the core materials
  • 18 k yellow gold finish option is also available
  • High quality cable chain
  • 18-inch to 22-inch  adjustable chain system
  • Can be customized with your desired text or message for her
  • Made by working moms with touch of love and care

Why we pick this product:

  • Add text and customization as your wish
  • Engraved option available in back side
  • Adjustable chain system
  • Coated with shatterproof liquid glass finish
  • Water resistance
  • Does not fade out
  • Affordable price range
  • USA based technology is used to make

Product 3: For Husband of an Angel Wife – Dog Tag Pendant

best pendant necklace

For Husband – Dog Tag Pendant


Thinking of giving a gift to your loving husband but still can’t decide? Just look at this pendant! It is a loving piece that will make him feel special to you. You can go for it without any doubt if your husband’s birthday is near or as your wedding anniversary gift! We guarantee, he will love it as much as you!!

Key Features:

  • This pendant is made of high quality
  • .316 surgical steel finish
  • Polished  with a shatterproof liquid glass coating
  • 18 k yellow gold finish can be possible if you want
  • Water resistance finish
  • Adjustable cable chain system
  • Good chain lock system
  • Made by loving working moms of USA

Why we pick this product:

  • Engraved option available in back side
  • Unique and elegant design
  • Best  quality design
  • Stainless steel with shatterproof coating
  • Water resistance
  • High quality materials
  • Reasonable price range

Product 4: Upload Own Photo in Circle Pendant

best pendant necklace

Upload Own Photo in Circle Pendant


This time we are focusing on self-love. If you can’t love yourself, nothing can satisfy you.

We give gifts to our loving persons or get gifts from others. But have you ever thought of giving something to yourself? No?

So this is the time to give yourself something which will make you happy as well as beautiful at the same time. After reviewing this pendant, you can use your own photo. So grab it as soon as possible!

Key Features:

  • Best technology is used
  • Customize with your own photo.
  • High quality .316 Steel or 18 k Gold Finish whatever you want
  • 18-inch to 22-inch adjustable chain
  • Water-Resistant finish
  • Hand-made and made by loving working moms love

Why we pick this product:

  • Affordable price range with best quality
  • High quality materials and chain
  • Adjustable chain
  • Engraved option available in back side
  • Water resistance
  • Own photo attachment customization


What to consider when buying?

Short answer: Materials, color, preference, weight, length, occasion, outfit, easy to store, easy to clean, warranty, price etc.

Buying the best pendant necklace is not an easy task. You have to consider so many factors and follow some checklists.

In this section, we are focusing on the jewelry buying rules and resolutions. Before buying any necklace, pendant or any other jewelries, you must follow some guidelines in common to get the best one for you or your loved ones!

If you have fascination with jewelry pieces then this section will be beneficial for you. Let’s have a look at the below and these factors you should keep in mind when buying any jewelry piece. Let’s face it

Materials: The first thing you have to focus on is the materials of the necklace. Material varies necklace to necklace. Your necklace might be of diamond, gold, silver or surgical steel. You should choose according to your choice from a trusted shop. When the question is about trust, Shine On can be your first choice!

Color: Colors also vary like materials. Some colors suit women, some for men and some are for both male and female. So before buying the best pendant necklace, color is an important fact to decide for whom you want to buy.

Preference: If you buy for yourself, you can go with your own taste and preference of jewelry. But if you are going to gift someone, then you should have knowledge about their taste. Otherwise it will be a waste of time and money also!

Weight: Each necklace has specific weight to carry comfortably. Like for thin mesh necklace weight should be 10 gram where thick mesh necklace’s weight might be up to 30 gram. Again for a small pendant it should be 1 gram and for large one it might be 4 gram. So weight is another important fact when buying a necklace.

Length: First you need to decide you want a choker or long chain necklace. For chokers, they are usually sized at 16-inch. If you go for a necklace then measurement of the chain length is necessary. 45 cm or 18-inch is the ideal size for pendants.

Occasion: Necklace may be brought for any occasion or everyday use. If you are looking for any special occasion like birthday, mother’s day, father’s day or wedding anniversary then it should be relevant and unique designed with this occasion.

Outfit: Besides occasions, choose a necklace according to your outfit. Formal outfits demand one type of necklaces, casual or party outfits deserve another necklaces. So buy according to your outfit also.

Easy to store: Buy necklaces which are easy to store. Best material necklaces are durable, stable and their storing process is also easier.

Easy to clean: Cleaning is important daily or occasionally. Buy necklaces which are easily washable without damage.

Warranty: Before buying, a warranty card is a must consideration thing. In this field, Shine On is the best option for you as they provide warranty cards along each necklace.

Price: Last but not least is the price. Necklaces prices can be low to high range. Choose the best one considering the above facts within an affordable price range.


What’s the difference between a pendant and a necklace?

Necklace and pendant both are kind of jewelry for wearing a neck but there are some basic differences between them. Pendant is a small piece of jewelry with a necklace for your whole neck.

A pendant is hanging with a chain or anklet, pendant can be heart, infinity, circle, square shaped. On the other hand, a necklace can be chokes, a cascading necklace or so on.

A pendant can be worn on any part of the body like hands, legs, arms by hanging on a chain but the necklace is only for the neck.

Pendants are quite light weighted where necklaces are much heavier than any pendants.


How long should a pendant necklace be?

Short answer: 45 cm or 18-inch.

The best pendant necklace should have the perfect length. Pendants are worn by hanging on a chain. Chain length is very important for looking beautiful. Chain length is adjustable for our reviewing pendant necklaces. Generally chain length of pendants can be 18-inch to 20-inch. But the ideal length is 18-inch or 45 cm.


How heavy should a pendant be?

Short answer: 1 gm. to 4 gm.

Pendants are generally quite light weighted. Much weighted pendants are not either looking beautiful or comfortable. A major characteristic of a pendant is that it has to be light weighted. For a small one, weight should be 1 gm. for large one it should be up to 4 gm.


What is the best method to store necklaces/jewelry?

Besides materials, quality and considering other things, how many days your necklaces or other jewelries will be kept in good manners or be useful, depend on the proper storage system of them. In this section, we aim to discuss proper and the best necklace/jewelry storage processes.

  • First, ensure the necklace is cleaned properly. Otherwise it will be damaged if you are stored for a long time without cleaning them properly.
  • Try to keep in a clean and dry place and box.
  • Use a soft cloth or tissue into the box
  • Best is each of them wrap in a zip lock bag
  • Each piece of jewelry keeps in separate box to avoid breaking, tangling or scratching
  • Gold and silver jewelries kept in separate boxes
  • Take extra care for diamond necklaces according to the shop guideline
  • Keep away necklaces from skincare and chemical products
  • Try to give it a wipe.


How to take care of your pendant? 

Short answer: Keep away from direct light and heat, Give stones special care, Keep your jewelry away from chemicals and skin care products, proper storage, Regular Cleaning, Do not wear your jewelry in a pool/ hot tub, Don’t sleep wearing jewelry, Go to your jeweler in case of damage etc.

We are so much aware and careful while buying a piece of jewelry or necklace but at the same time we are not that much aware of maintaining them in a proper manner. This leads to damage to our favorite necklaces and we aren’t able to wear them for a long time.

So keep in mind these following things for proper maintenance of your jewelries so that you can wear them for a long time. Let’s jump on the maintenance processes!

Keep away from direct light and heat: The basic rule to keep your jewelry safe and sound is avoid direct lighting and heating places.  Direct light causes discoloration of your beloved jewelry piece and it might melt for excess heats. So keep them away from direct sunlight and heat.

Give stones special care: Jewelries which have stone or diamond setting need extra care otherwise they might be faded. Take care of them according to the guideline.

Proper storage: We have already discussed the rules and process about proper storing of jewelry. Keep them wrapping in tissue or soft cloth, try to keep a separate section of box in order to avoid breaking.

Keep your jewelry away from chemicals and skin care products: Touch of chemical or skin care products can destroy your necklaces. So be aware of them!

Regular Cleaning: Regular cleaning is important after using a jewelry piece. Best is to use vinegar or a mild dish washer to clean them properly.

Do not wear your jewelry in a pool/ hot tub: Be careful before taking shower or swimming in the pool. Necklaces should be taken off before doing these.

Don’t sleep wearing jewelry: Same rule for before sleeping. Sleeping while wearing a necklace can cause breaking or damaging of them.

Go to your jeweler in case of damage or breaking: If your necklace broke or damaged, go to your jeweler to fix it immediately.