People used to wear jewelry either for everyday use or occasionally. Jewelries for occasional use are usually less comfortable than that of everyday use. In this article, we are basically going to talk about everyday necklaces.

Everyday wearing necklaces should be simple, durable and elegant at the same time. So this time we are reviewing 4 best everyday necklaces which you can wear regularly without any hesitation or damage to your skin as well as the jewelry piece. Let’s have a look on our best everyday necklaces review section!


Top 4 Best Everyday Necklaces

Product 1: Infinity Heart Necklace

best everyday necklaces

Infinity Heart Necklace


Each shape necklace has a specific meaning like infinity shape is the symbol of eternal feeling. If you are very much fascinated in necklaces then this one should be in your collections.

This one is looking so elegant with a simple design which is perfect for everyday use. And the best part is it can be worn by male and women. If you are thinking of a couple necklaces, you can buy it as it defines two bodies sharing one beautiful soul. Or simply can give your loving persons as a gift for everyday use which will always remind you!

Key features:         

  • Made by USA based technology
  • 14 k White Gold and 18 k Yellow Gold finish
  • Magnificent shine hand polished
  • Adjustable 16 to 22-inch cable chain
  • A lobster clasp secured system
  • Water resistance finish

Why we choose this necklace:

  • Affordable price range
  • High quality materials
  • Unique and simple design
  • Adjustable chain
  • Secure lobster clasp
  • Water resistance!

Product 2: Steel Anchor Necklace

best everyday necklaces

Steel Anchor Necklace


We choose this steel anchor shape necklace as your everyday wearing necklace because it is simple in design but elegant at the same time. Secondly, the meaning is very impressive which will amazed you or your beloved ones to whom you will give this piece of love.

The purpose of the anchor is to ground the ship and keep it strongly in ever-changing sea waters. That means you keep them in your life with the same priority whatever the situation is! How sweet the meaning is! So grab this on as soon as possible! Surely this one is the one of the best everyday necklaces.

Key features: 

  • This one is made of .316 L Stainless Steel polish
  • 16 – 22-inch adjustable cable chain
  • A lobster clasp secure attachment
  • Pendant height is 0.7 inch and Width 0.6 inch
  • Water resistance polish
  • Made by loving working moms with full of love

Why we choose this necklace:

  • Best in quality
  • Unique meaning with elegant design
  • Adjustable cable chain
  • Secure lobster clasp
  • Light weighted
  • Water resistance
  • Hand-made and durable

Product 3: For My Dad I Miss You – Dad Remembrance Necklace

best everyday necklaces

For My Dad – Dad Remembrance Necklace


Father is the shade of our life. People can’t understand the importance of their father until they lose him. Dad is always by our side, and we grew up by holding his finger. But losing your beloved Dad is the worst feeling in the world.

So this time we are reviewing a special dad remembrance pendant which you can wear for all the time to remember your dad or the memory symbol of your dad. Or you can give the dad’s princess who recently lost his father.

Key features: 

  • Design included a hand polished coin with angel wing tag
  • Stainless steel and 18 k yellow gold over stainless steel polish
  • Adjustable cable chain with 18-inch to 22-inch measurements
  • Secure lobster clasp closure attachment
  • Circle radius is 0.5-inch and Wing is 0.625-inch
  • Made by USA based technology with working moms like yours
  • Customization is available according to your choice

Why we choose this necklace:

  • Stainless steel and 18 k yellow gold as materials
  • Adjustable chain system
  • A lobster clasp with chain
  • Simple but unique design
  • Customization is available
  • Affordable price range

Product 4: Birthstone Name Necklace

best everyday necklaces

Birthstone Name Necklace


When you 1st time see this necklace, we are sure that you just say WOW and grab it for yourself or your loved ones!

This time we are reviewing the unique design but simple as you can wear an everyday basis necklace. The best part is you can choose your birthstone according to your birthday month with your name also on it.

Don’t know which color is appropriate for you? Don’t worry! Shine On has a birthstone chart with months. So if you  want a unique necklace for everyday wear or can give to your loving person on his/her birthday or simply as a gift to make them surprised and feel them special.

Key features: 

  • Made by Stainless Steel material polish
  • Designed by your name and birthstone
  • The name plate measurement is 1.4-inch x 0.3-inch
  • 5 mm radius birthstone
  • Adjustable snake chain measures 16″ – 22″.
  • Water resistance polish

Why we choose this necklace:

  • Unique design with name and birthstone
  • Best quality materials
  • Budget friendly price range
  • Adjustable chain system
  • Water resistance
  • Hand-made product
  • Durable and stable


How do I choose everyday jewelry?

Short Answer: Choose the best quality, choose minimalist and natural, keep it elegant, stay on your budget, be comfortable etc.

It is hard and troublesome to choose the best everyday necklaces than the conventional one.  On different occasions, jewelry shops aim to produce a variety of collections but for everyday use there are little variations in jewelry shops.

But in Shine On you will find any jewelry for everyday basis to occasions. Before buying a jewelry piece for everyday use, you should keep in mind some basic factors like:

Choose the best quality: For everyday use, choose jewelry pieces with the best quality materials. As you wear for the whole day long so that quality product is a considerable thing. Everyday jewelry must be durable, stable and water resistance.

Choose minimalist and natural: heavy or so much designed jewelry is not suitable for daily use. So, choose something with natural and minimalist design which you can carry easily.

Keep it elegant: besides simplicity, you should keep in mind that everyday jewelry should be elegant to look. Shine on is the best option for you and you can customize your own design.

Stay on your budget: Budget is very notable also. Everyday necklace should be durable and should not be so expensive at the same time. So try to stay on your budget when buying jewelry for everyday use.

Be comfortable: The jewelry you wear every day should be comfortable for every situation. Heavy or much jewelry is against your comfort zone. So choose jewelries which are comfortable to carry.


Can you wear a necklace every day?

You can wear a necklace every day but it is a good practice to take them off when you go for shower or sleep. If you wear a necklace while taking shower or sleeping, you are potentially damaging your beloved jewelry piece. Simple and minimalist necklace can be worn on an everyday basis and there is no major health risk that is proven for it.


What kind of necklace can I wear all the time?

Jewelries are worn for making us more beautiful and elegant. Some are for different occasions, some are for everyday use. And this is a major problem for used to choose the right one which we can wear all the time.

You can use anything like a finger ring, ear ring, necklace, pendant, bangles, bracelet, nose pin etc. for all the time but the materials should be good and durable. Main consideration is design simplicity. Choose a jewelry piece with minimalist design and elegant at the same time.


What jewelry can you shower with?

You can shower with only nickel jewelry. Nickel is then mixed with other cheaper alloy materials to make it more stable and durable.

Jewelries of steel materials with water resistance polish can also wear while showering.

But the best practice is taking off the jewelry when you go for shower to make them stay and use it for a long time.


Can you wear 14 k gold every day?

Yes, 14 k gold jewelries are good for everyday use. 14 k gold jewelry means 58.3% gold mixed with the same amount of silver and copper materials. Also, you can shower with it if it has water resistance polish on it. Though it is not recommended if you want to use it for a long time. Shine on provides 14 k polish options on their jewelry.


How often do you clean your jewelry?

We are always focused on the materials, design and price of jewelries but often forget to clean properly after using them. Jewelries should clean regularly or occasionally as it depends on your usage duration. No matter if you have the best everyday necklaces, if you do not clean it regularly, it will be something cheap.

But how do you clean your jewelry? Different materials and jewelries need different types of cleansers. Let’s have a look at below to know how to clean your loving jewelry items in the proper manner.

You can clean at home or go to the jeweler to clean them professionally depending on your choice and jewelry condition

Cleaning at home:  This is the best option, I think. You can simply clean them by using a mild dishwasher or baking soda. Some chemical ingredients are available at market based on the jewelry materials, so you can buy them and clean with them if you want so. Toothpaste is also used for cleaning silver and stones jewelries for shine.

Cleaning by jeweler:  If you have no time or you are not used to cleaning jewelries at home, then you can go to your jeweler to clean them properly. They use some chemical cleanser to clean and polish jewelries. It is more costly than cleaning at home.


How to Keep Your Necklaces from Tangling?

You never want to break or damage your loving jewelries? The major cause of breaking or damaging jewelries is tangling themselves. Proper cleaning and storage can avoid tangling. So some following tips for you to avoid tangling your jewelry.

  • Keep them clean before store jewelries.
  • Be careful when cleaning them, because tangling is often happen while cleaning
  • Use tissue or soft cloths to cover the box
  • Store small jewelry in pill compartments
  • Use plastic wrap to organize necklaces.
  • Thread necklaces through straws to keep them from tangling.
  • Use separate box or section for each jewelry piece
  • Never mixed up long chains or earrings together
  • Use suitable liquid to jewelry joints to make them smooth
  • Gold and silver jewelries kept in separate boxes
  • Long chain necklaces should be wrapped with tissue and put them in a long shape box.
  • Best is each of them put in a zip lock bag


How to maintain your everyday Necklaces properly?

Short Answer: Keep in dry and cold place, keep away from chemicals, proper storage, regular cleaning, take off before bath and sleep, servicing.

Buying the best everyday necklaces is not enough, their proper maintenance is also essential. Proper maintenance will ensure you a long time usage without damage. Jewelry maintenance is not so complex but necessary to keep them good. Here we give some maintenance tips for your jewelry!

Keep in dry and cool places: Jewelries must be kept in dry and cool places. Excess light can cause discoloration of jewelries and heat can cause them to melt them.

Keep away from chemicals: Chemicals are harmful for any types of jewelry. So be careful and keep them away from chemical products

Proper storage: Proper storage is necessary to avoid breaking down, faded away or tangling. Keep jewelry pieces in separate boxes or separate sections of boxes. Use tissue or soft cloth to wrap them.

Use fluid to joint: Use suitable liquid to the jewelry straps, joints and secure attachments. It will help to avoid tangling.

Regular cleaning: Regular and proper cleaning is a must. Clean according to the material needs. You can use both home-made cleansers and chemical cleansers also. For homemade vinegar, baking salt, lemon juice etc. are appropriate.

Take them off before bath and sleep: It’s a good practice to take them off before sleeping or taking bath. Because all materials are not suitable to use when you go to shower or sleep. They can cause potential damage to your jewelry also.

Servicing: Regular servicing is good for your jewelry. Servicing from the jeweler means you can go to clean your jewelry from them or if some of them are broke somehow, go to the jeweler to fix them immediately.