Do you think about the best couple necklaces? Our best couple necklaces review will make sure that whenever you think about any matching necklaces for you and your loved one for any special occasion, you have to think about the jewelry of Shine On!!

Shine On provides you the best quality necklaces with affordable prices on different occasions. Without any further delay, let’s jump into the best couple necklaces review section to find the right one for you and your loved ones!


Top 4 Best Couple Necklaces

Our team members have worked for more than five days to find the best couple necklaces for you. Hope you will like them. So, let’s get started…

Product 1: Heart Pendant for Husband & Wife

best couple necklaces

For Soulmate – Heart Pendant


Anniversary or Valentine’s Day is coming soon? Don’t worry, just look at this heart pendant for your husband or wife which is looking so beautiful as well as affordable and your partner will be satisfied with 100% happiness after seeing this piece of love!

Key features:

  • This heart pendant is made of another loving person whom all are working mothers so that there is no shortage of love when made for them!
  • High quality .316 surgical steel are used to make them
  • Also 18 k yellow gold finish available
  • Shatterproof liquid glass coating on the steel
  • You can customize in back side with your loved one’s name, your wedding date, an anniversary whatever you want.
  • Adjustable chain system is also attached
  • Heart Pendant dimension is 24 mm x 24 mm

Why we pick this necklace:

  • Best quality product
  • Reasonable price with happiness
  • Durable as coating with shatterproof liquid glass
  • Light weighted so that you can wear it every day basis
  • Made by working mom with full of love
  • Engraved option available in back side

Product 2: To My Wife – Forever Love Necklace for Upcoming Holidays

best couple necklaces

For Wife – Forever Love Necklace


Birthday of your wife or simply you just want to give her a surprise but you can’t decide what you should do or what you should buy for her? Keep eyes on our next section!

Now, we are reviewing a beautiful piece of love which can make your wife happy and able to feel herself special!

Key features:

  • USA based hand-made necklace so no compromise of quality
  • A flawless 6.5 mm Cubic Zirconia is surrounding of it
  • 14 k White Gold finish and 18 k Yellow Gold finish both are available. Choice is yours!
  • An 18 inch cable chain is attached with this pendant along with a 4 inch extension and lobster clasp.
  • These are made by loving working moms with the same care of their child.

Why we pick this necklace:

  • Budget friendly so you can afford it
  • USA based technology with maintaining high quality
  • Zirconia stone with sparkle and shine.
  • Cable chain with extension facility
  • Totally handmade pendant with love of working moms
  • You can choose different gold finish either 14 k White Gold finish or 18 k Yellow Gold finish

Product 3: For Wife – Interlocking Hearts Necklaces

best couple necklaces

For Wife – Interlocking Hearts Necklace


This time we are reviewing the most beautiful and unique designed pendant for your loving wife. If her birthday is knocking at the door or angry with you for some reason, just go for this Pendant. We are ensuring that she will feel more special after seeing this one! So don’t waste your time to make her happy!

Let’s know why we pick this item in our top list of best couple necklaces.

Key features:

  • Firstly, this one is unique in design with two heart shape pendant
  • Two interlocked hearts shows that your love is never ending up!
  • Both hearts are embellished with very precious Cubic Zirconia stones
  • This one is made with high quality Materials
  • Hearts are polished by surgical steel
  • Steel is coated with rose gold finish.
  • 18-inch cable chain with a 4-inch extension are attached
  • It fastens with a lobster clasp.
  • Made by awesome working moms with touch of loving hands

Why we pick this necklace:

  • Unique and classy design
  • Two interlocked hearts shows that your love is never ending up!
  • High quality surgical steel polish
  • Heart with Cubic Zirconia stones
  • Ensure durability by rose gold finish.
  • Long chain with extensions
  • Color and design customization are available
  • Price is within your budget

Product 4: Heart Pendant for Wife & Husband

best couple necklaces

For Wife & Husband – Heart Pendant


Close friend’s wedding or anniversary of your own? Just see our reviewing necklace. This one is with classy design and able to wear both men and women. Matching pendants are more popular among couples. This one is the best gift within budget with the best quality material necklace! So grab it as soon as possible!

Key features:

  • Dimension of Heart Pendant: 24 mm x 24 mm
  • It is made of high quality .316 surgical steel
  • Provides a shatterproof liquid glass coating on the surgical steel
  • 18 k yellow gold finish has done on it
  • 18-22″ adjustable luxury necklace attached
  • USA based technology and made by working moms with full of love
  • Engraved option available in back side with date of birth, wedding date, loved one’s name or just simply a loving message

Why we pick this necklace:

  • Suitable for both man and women
  • Classy and unique design
  • Reasonable price range
  • Made of high quality surgical steel
  • Ensure durability and stability with shatterproof liquid glass coating
  • Hand-made pendant with moms love


How do I choose the right necklace for my partner?

Short answer:  Know about her taste, Look what she already has, Which occasion in next, Materials of necklace, Necklace  Color, Necklace length, Her outfit, Size, Types of necklace, Easy to clean , Durability, Stability etc.

Shine on has a variety of necklaces collection for couples. In this section, we review only 4 best couple necklaces. Now you may get confused which one to choose for your partner, right?

Each of them is beautiful according to their own manner like price, quality, unique design etc. Well, some measurements and facts are given below which will be beneficial for you to choose the right necklace for your partner!

Focus on her taste: The first thing you have to consider before buying a necklace is her preferences and taste about jewelry. You should notice which types of necklace your partner wears and what she prefers for her on different occasions. So knowing her taste is the first fact to buy the right one!

Look what she already has: You should pay attention to what she already has in his vanity. If you don’t notice and buy the same one which she already has, it’s embarrassing as well as a waste of time and money. So before buying, pay attention to what she already has or wear!

Which occasion is next: Well, then you should think about the occasion. Women are fascinated about different necklaces on different occasions. So it’s her birthday or valentine day or your anniversary, choose the right one according to the occasion!

Materials of necklace: Materials are the most important thing while choosing a necklace for your partner. Materials should be high quality, stable, ensure durability. Materials might be steel, gold, and silver, pearl or diamond whatever you choose and it is good if weather resistance coating is applied on the main materials to make the necklace long lasting without any damage.

Necklace color: Color is either gold, silver, black or any other color. Think about her skin tone, preferences before choosing the color of necklace.

Necklace length: Some necklaces are short, some are long. You should choose which one she likes, on which occasion you want to give. If you choose the long chain necklace, make sure an extra extension chain is attached with it. We are already reviewing these necklaces at above. Best is to choose an adjustable necklace for your partner.

Her outfit: Jewelry and outfit both are related. So right jewelry with her outfit can make your partner more elegant. So pay attention to her outfit too.

Types of necklace: Different types of necklaces are exists in Shine on. You should choose the right one based on her taste and desire. If she likes pendant you should not give her a choker for her!

Easy to clean: Last but not least is easy to clean. Necklace should be washed after using it for a long time. Choose such types of necklace which is easily washable without damage.


What are some things to consider when purchasing a couples’ necklace?

Before purchasing a couples’ necklace, you should be more careful to choose the right one! You have to keep in mind these following factors while purchasing a couples’ necklace like:

Choice: In this case, taste and preference of both of you are important. So give priority to the taste and choice of both of you.

Color: As both are wearing the same necklace, you might choose either white or black colored necklaces because these two are suitable for both men and women.

Shape: Small or moderate size necklace or heart shape pendant can choose for both of you. Large or too long necklace is not appropriate for men.

Materials: Well, materials are the most important thing to consider before purchasing couples’ necklace. You should go for steel/ white gold with Zirconia stones. These will suit you both.

Washable: Try to choose washable and easy to clean material’s necklaces which are durable and stable too.

Occasion: The last but not least consideration is occasion. For which occasion you are going to purchase or simply for daily use, you should choose materials, size and types according to the type of occasions!


How can you personalize a matching couples’ necklace?

In Shine on, you are facilitated by choosing your own design necklaces and simply customize your jewelry. To personalize a matching couples’ necklace, you can do something like choose heart shape, Zirconia stones, surgical steel materials with weather resistance coating for long lasting use, change the color of necklace with your outfits, customize the text on the pendant.

You can simply choose the text message on the pendant for your love ones according to occasion, relationship which will make you both happy and loving couple to others!


Is this a suitable gift for a bride?

Short answer: Yes!

Your relative or friend’s wedding? What else will be more precious and beautiful than Shine on jewelry as a gift for the beautiful bride!!

You can go for it without any confusion, the bride will be happy to see the necklace than any other gifts. Our materials, making technology and design will satisfy any bride. You can customize the necklace if you want. Otherwise we have so many collections for the bride. Or you can give a couple necklace which will make you feel special both the bride and groom as well!



You should keep in mind the maintenance of the necklace in order to use for a long time. These are more precious to you. So be careful about their maintenance. But how do you do this? Any idea? Well, we are here to acknowledge you about the necklace’s care and maintenance steps!

Keep away from direct light and heat: Direct sunlight or heat can damage your lovable necklace. So always keep them away from direct light and heats. Light can discolor your necklace and heat can melt them. So be careful! Keep them in a dry and cool place.

Give treated gems special care: Extra care is needed for necklaces which have gems or stones with it. Heat, steam, ultrasonic cleaners or solvents can do harm or discolor the colored gems. So be aware of them in order to keep stones good like the 1st day of purchase.

Keep your jewelry away from chemicals: Chemicals are the most dangerous thing for any kind of necklaces or jewelries. So always keep your necklaces safe from any chemical products.

Safe storage: Jewelries must keep in different boxes. They should not keep all together as they can be torn. Best is wrapped by thin foam or tissue paper and keep each of them in a separate part of the box.

Cleaning: Regular cleaning is very important. Different jewelry needs different cleansers. Choose the right one and best is use a home-made cleanser like dishwasher or baking soda to remove dirt from your necklaces!



A necklace is not just a gift, it’s a piece of personality that continuously will represent you. And when it is for a cute couple, you both will remember yourself flawlessly. That’s why, you need to be extra careful in choosing your best couple necklaces.

Hope you are enlightened with everything you need to know. Happy shopping.